Growing and Successful Track Record
Sanmar Chain International has supplied over 65,000 tonnes for offshore mooring applications. It  has a successful track record in supplying chain for Spar platforms, CALM Buoys, MODU / drilling applications, and FPSO, FSO, FSUs: internal turret, external turret and spread moored, into all major areas of offshore activity such as the Gulf of Mexico, South America, West Africa, South East Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, India and the Mediterranean.

In the Right Place at the Right time
We understand that logistics play an important role in the successful completion of a project, ensuring that all components are supplied in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. Therefore SCI places great emphasis on the appropriate packing, handling equipment and certified slings. In addition, we coordinate with the nominated shipping line to ensure smooth loading and timely shipping of our chains.

Deepwater Mooring
As oil and gas exploration and production moves to deeper water, and harsher environments, so the deployment and performance of the mooring system is critical. SCI’s commitment to quality and improving manufacturing standards in tandem with our partners ensures that clients can be confident of our ability to deliver high performance mooring chains.

Download the latest SCI Project Reference List which includes a number of deepwater projects.

Latest Recent Projects

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Sanmar Chain International has supplied mooring line chain to LLOG Exploration for the Del

Sanmar Chain for mooring Block PM307 Offshore Peninsular Malaysia Bertam Field Development

Sanmar Chain International has supplied chain and shackles to Lundin Services B.V. to moor

Sanmar Chain for mooring GAZA FSO Libya

Sanmar Chain International has been awarded a contract to supply mooring, tether chains an

Sanmar Chain for mooring OSX-3 FPSO offshore Brazil

Sanmar Chain International (SCI) has been awarded a contract by SOFEC Inc to supply the

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