Dedication to quality and a commitment to exceeding client expectations are uppermost in Sanmar Chain International’s business philosophy. Delivering projects on-time, to budget, and meeting all technical requirements is where SCI’s project management skills make the difference.

A Project Management Team is established at the project outset to make the key decisions in processing the order with clear lines of responsibility and communication, both internally and in relation to all relevant external organizations.  All members of the organization and our supply partners are made aware of the importance of meeting each and every specification requirement or project milestone, from the chemistry and mechanical properties of the raw material to the on-site delivery date.

Project Quality Plan
Every project has a Project Quality Plan (PQP), encompassing  all those activities and processes involved in project execution and includes design, manufacturing, inspection, testing & delivery.

PQP is based on a “process approach” that systematically develops, implements and aligns the quality management system to meet the requirements for each project. In so doing a project specific Quality Management Plan is developed that sets out specific quality practices, resources and sequence of activities relevant to design, manufacture, inspection, testing and supply of offshore mooring chain/shackle.

SCI’s China Operations Centre employs trained personnel with many years experience in chain production to oversee the day-to-day running of each project, and provide site interface between our clients and the manufacturing unit. This includes order review and production planning, on-site witness and inspection of manufacturing and test procedures, final inspection, including trial fit, delivery and load out, certification and final documentation. In this we are constantly looking to refine and improve manufacturing quality standards.

In the right place at the right time
SCI understands the importance of logistics in the successful completion of a project, ensuring all components are supplied in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. This means that we place great emphasis on the packing, handling and shipping of our chains, using only highly qualified sub-contractors with dedicated personnel at all times while the chain is in transit.

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