Consistent with Sanmar Chain International’s commitment to supplying high quality chain, shackles and fittings, the manufacturing process includes a range of detailed inspection and testing procedures compliant with classification bodies and customer requirements.

All chains and shackles are monitored from raw material to finished product, providing full traceability and completed test and inspection records.

SCI Project-specific inspection and testing procedures include:

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) on chain links before heat treatment and again after proof loading using Magnetic Particle Test (MT) and Ultrasonic Tests (UT).

Break Load Test – A breaking-test specimen of at least three chain links is used for the test. Shackles are tested to the break loads prescribed for the grade and size of chain. At least one shackle out of every heat-treatment batch or every 25 shackles, whichever is less, is tested.

Proof Load Test – Proof loading is conducted for the entire length of chain and all shackles.

The proof load shall be as specified in by Class Rules. The entire chain and all shackles must withstand the application of proof load without fracture or formation of cracks in flash weld.

Dimension Check – After proof loading, the pitch length shall be checked, five links at a time using a specially designed laser measurement system. The measurement shall be done with the chain at approximately 10% of the proof load.

Chain Length Measurement – The total length of the chain shall also be established while the chain is at 10% Proof Load.

Mechanical Tests – Mechanical Tests shall be carried out on sample links/shackle obtained from heat treated & proof load tested chain/shackle. Each link shall yield one tensile test piece, from the side opposite to the flash weld. Sets of three charpy impact test specimens shall be taken from different zones of the Link, i.e. across the flash weld, the side opposite of the flash weld and the crown, making a total of nine impact test specimens.

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