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21 Apr

Sanmar Chain for mooring SBM CALM buoy in Panna-Mukta field

Sanmar Chain International has supplied mooring chain and shackles to SBM Atlantia for a new CALM buoy facility in the Panna-Mukta offshore oil and gas production fields in the Arabian Sea, 95 km off the west coast of India near Mumbai.

Jointly operated by BG Exploration and Production India Limited (BGEPIL), Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), and Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), the Panna and Mukta fields have ten well head platforms and a Processing Platform (PPA). SBM has replaced an existing stock buoy with a new Panna single point mooring (SPM) facility.

SCI has supplied six, 515 meters chain lengths in Grade R4 studless chain, together with  shackles, to moor the wheel and rail type CALM buoy in 47 meters water depth. Connected to a 120,000 DWT semi-permanently moored FSO, with offloading from the FSO to a 100,000 DWT daughter tanker in double-banking as well as tandem-mooring configurations, the CALM buoy has an operating flowrate of  40,000 BOPD, with a peak flowrate of 75,000 BOPD.

The CALM buoy has been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

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